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5-Year Light / Medium Commercial Limited Wear Warranty


The finish of the floor board is warranted by Hennessy Wood Floors not to wear through under normal light and medium commercial use for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Finish wear-through is defined as 100% finish removal over a minimum of 3% of the total installation. (Gloss reduction or surface scratches are not considered surface wear). Dull finish can be corrected with spot or overall recoating care systems.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser and only if used in the following commercial areas:

• Retail: Novelty Shops/Boutiques, Product Display Areas, Sales Floors, Showrooms,
   Hair Salons.
• Medical Offices: Waiting Rooms, Patient Rooms,Examination Rooms, Storage Rooms.
• Hotels: Guest Rooms, Conference/Meeting Rooms
• Offices and Restaurants: Offices, Banks, Conference/Meeting Rooms, Showrooms,
   Restaurant Floor, Break Rooms.
• Institutional and Light Industrial: Classrooms, Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Common
   Areas, Residence Halls.

This 5 year limited light/medium commercial wear warranty is made subject to the following conditions:

1. The floor must be installed properly and according to Hennessy Wood Floors installation instructions. Proper installation includes, but is not limited to the following:

a. A moisture test must be performed to determine if excessive moisture exists in the
b. When installing over concrete, concrete should be tested for moisture prior to installation
   using the Anhydrous Calcium Chloride test method, a non-invasive moisture meter, or a
   pin/probe meter. When using a Calcium Chloride Test, the result must not exceed 3 lbs
   per 1000 sq. ft. in a 24 hour period.
c. A polyethylene film vapor barrier must not be used over wood subfloors. Moisture
   readings of wood sub floors must not exceed 11% throughout the entire installation.
d. If glue is used, glue entire floor with glue that meets or exceeds PVAC dispersion with a
   viscosity of 8000 +/- 1000 CPC spindle 6/20 at 20 degrees centigrade – density of 1.11
   =/- 0.02 g/cm on a dry content of 48 =/- 1% (weight). Upon completion of glued
   installation, the floor must be allowed to set overnight for 24 hours before resuming
   normal usage of the room.

2. The flooring must be used only indoors in a dry, climate controlled area.

3. The flooring must be maintained in accordance with Hennessy Wood Floors maintenance instructions.

4. This limited warranty does not apply to water damage of any kind.

5. This limited warranty does not apply to damage caused by water or moisture in the subfloor or underneath the flooring, including but not limited to damage from subfloor hydrostatic pressure (water or moisture under the floor that is transmitted to the surface through exerted pressure) or other conditions that result in water or moisture being under the floor.

6. This limited warranty does not apply to Hennessy Wood Floors moldings and trims.

7. Installation of flooring that contains any manufacturing defect is not covered by this limited warranty.

Lifetime Limited Structure Warranty

The floor board is warranted to be free from manufacturing or material defects for the life of the product. If a defect should occur, Hennessy Wood Floors will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product. This warranty is not transferable by the purchaser of the floor.

Should a defect occur, we will arrange a refund based on the original purchase of the product. This warranty is not transferable by the purchaser of the floor. Should a problem attributable as a manufacturing defect develop after flooring is installed, the cost of labor for repair will be covered by this warranty.

Warranty Coverage: Upon determination of a valid manufacturing defect or finish wear through amounting to 100%, credit will be issued to the dealer and will be good toward the purchase of a replacement. When defective product is installed, credit applies to material only and does not include labor since it is the responsibility of the installer to determine suitability of material prior to installation. Should a problem attributable as a manufacturing defect develops after flooring is installed, the cost of labor for repair will be covered by this warranty.

The Limited Wear Warranty does not cover:

1. Damage due to adhesives or tape, scratches, gouges, scuffs, punctures, cuts, indentations, burns, accidents, spiked or stiletto heels, lack of proper furniture rests or
any intentional misuse of the product. Loss of finish gloss over time is consistent
with normal wear & tear and is not a product flaw.

2. Problems due to moisture, mildew, alkaline substances, extreme natural weather conditions, hydrostatic pressure, expansion and contraction between boards and tiles, or
humidity levels. Normal indoor humidity levels should be kept between 35% - 55% throughout every calendar year.

3. It is normal and expected for there to be color variations due to use of natural components, exposure to UV light and/or sunlight, and age of material. Therefore, color inconsistency between samples, replacement product or illustrations and actual product is not a manufacturing flaw.

4. Manufacturer makes no guarantee that Hennessy Wood Floor products will match or coordinate with customer furnishings, trim, cabinetry, railings, etc.

5. Wood has natural characteristics including but not limited to mineral streaks, knots, grain variations. Such natural characteristics are not considered defects and are not
covered under this warranty.

6. Noncompliance with installation instructions and maintenance guidelines as recommended by Hennessy Wood Floors. Manufacturer cannot assume responsibility for the suitability of flooring material and accompanying products for each individual installation as manufacturer has no control over the installer's proper application. Should an individual piece be doubtful as to appearance or dimension the installer should not use this piece.

7. Cracking, warping, soiling, fading, improper maintenance or abuse caused by items such as roller skates, pets, high heel or golf shoes.

8. Floor covering installed in inappropriate locations is excluded from this warranty.

9. Exposure to UV light and sunlight will cause discoloration to natural wood products. This is normal and is not a manufacturing flaw. Area rugs and large furniture will block
light exposure and cause uneven coloration. To minimize this, furnishings and floor coverings should be moved periodically.

How to Make A Claim

Any claim made under either of these limited warranties must be made by contacting your retailer within 30 days after the basis of the claim is detected. In addition, any claim under either of these limited warranties must be made before the end of the applicable limited warranty period. Proof of purchase including the date of purchase, must be presented to make a claim.


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