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Signature Series: Santos Mahogany Natural

Santos Mahogany is found primarily in Central America and Brazil. The species has an interlocked grain and possesses a medium grade texture. The sapwood is pale brown while the heartwood is purplish-red in color but this particular piece has been heat-treated which creates a bit darker image while enhancing the durability when exposed to humidity. Santos Mahogany shows full, rich color through the entire thickness of the wood, which helps to hide wear marks. Santos Mahogany is one of the most hard and durable woods which makes for a good resistant to fungus and insects.


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Hennessy Wood Floors is #1 in Quality
Hennessy is synonymous with comfort, beauty, and durability. It epitomizes attention to detail and the desire to create a product in perfect harmony with its environment.

Our product is a premium quality floor made from 100% well-managed forests, produced to exceed the strictest official quality standards. We apply our many years of experience to assure a superior construction and finish while maintaining great care of our environment.

Our classic grade wood floors are carefully selected for character and structural soundness. Our method of timber selection combined with precision milling, including end matching, along with years of experience in wood insure that your floor will be unique and last a lifetime.

Hennessy Wood Floor: Superior Finish
One of the most critical steps in producing excellent wood flooring is the FINISH! Hennessy not only builds more durable floors, our top notch factory-applied finish makes hardwood floor easy to maintain. With our layered UV-cured aluminum oxide finish, you gain the assurance of superior durability and appearance. Our finish protects the wood floors while preserving fine details of the actual wood's character.

Attributes of our finish:
Wear Resistant – 5 times more resistant than competing finishes.
Transparent – Let's you appreciate the wood's natural beauty.
Clean – Hypoallergenic and healthy finish that dirt can't lay a finger on.
Flexible – Cross linked particles make the finish more elastic, persevering the floor's original appearance.
UV protector – Slows and reduces the power of the sun that causes wood to darken or yellow over time.

We dare you to compare with our competitors while in one of our authorized dealer locations. Our superior clear finish enhances the look of the wood grain, shows off the detailed attention to color and don't forget the silky texture.

Hennessy Wood Floor: Superior Construction
Every Hennessy engineered wood floors is manufactured with up to 9-ply core that is comprised of eucalyptus, birch and beech wood species to deliver impeccable stability. Each flooring plank is individually inspected for its unique patterns, grain and colorations, and hand-carved, scraped, or kept smooth to complement its beautiful marks of individuality.

We stand by each board we produce by claiming a Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty.

Hennessy Wood Floor: Product Dimension
Signature Series – Hand carved 7" wide x ½" thickness x random lengths
Classic Series – Smooth 7" wide x ½" thickness x random lengths
Select Series – 3/5/7" widths x ½" thickness x random lengths

Product Representation Disclaimer
Floor images displayed in promotional materials, including printed matter and/or website graphics, may also vary in their color appearance due to the limitations of the printing process, and the unique graphics displays utilized to view website images.

We suggest you make an effort to take visit one of our authorized retail dealers to view the samples in person.

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