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Species :
American Cherry

Color :

Dimension :
½"x 3-5-7" x Random L

Finish :
10 layers Aluminum Oxide plus UV Lacquer for Sun Protection

Item Number :

Square Footage / Box:

Select Series: American Cherry Imperial

Prized for its rich color and fine graining, American Cherry is one of the most valuable of all fine hardwood species. The fine, satiny texture of the wood is uniform and frequently wavy, with distinctive gum veins and pockets. The lustrous heartwood ranges from light to dark reddish brown, contrasting sharply with the sapwood, which may be light brown to pale with a light pinkish tone; however, between boards there may be significant color variations. American Cherry is extremely light-sensitive, so there is a strong color change and darkening over a short period time when the wood is first exposed to light. Also, this species is a strong but moderately hard wood with excellent shock resistance.


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